In June 2020 the pandemic was in full swing. With each passing day we watched neighbours, out and about, walking like never before - one even finished a 20 lap marathon around the neighbourhood.  The overall engagement in the neighbourhood was inspiring, heart warming and refreshingly simple.

It seemed like an odd, but right time, to scratch a 30 year old itch and the Ten Toe’n Shoe Shop was born.  The shop has a basic mission to help people find shoes that will support “the best part of the day” the daily walk, the easy jog, the long run.

Why Ten Toe’n?

Our store name originated with Pete’s twin brother.  When they were going for runs, they would often say, they were going Ten Toe’n. Much to our surprise, when pitching the store name to friends and family, Ten Toe’n is not a common phrase to anyone else.
Maybe the shop can change that.

Who are we

Pete Self - an off again on again exerciser who continues to live the dream because of a regular weekly walk with a friend that keeps drawing him back into better fitness and health. Still lives the dream of running enough to run the Bay for a third time. From Stratford, Ontario, a small towner at heart, Pete will be the smiling face you see most days at 16 McMurray St.

More detail

  • Will always choose outside over inside.
  • Favourite route - must include woods and trails.
  • Would rather work it out than be right.
  • started coaching cross country and track at McMaster in 1994
  • Married to Paula.
  • Personal bests 1:57.8, 3:56.4, 8:47.7, 15:22 (cactus), 31:43, 2:25 the Bay

Paula Schnurr - an accomplished coach and two time Olympian ‘92, ‘96 Paula brings a lifetime of experience as a top runner, long time dog walker and sage to over 50 athletes under her charge.  Paula is the voice of reason around the products we carry -  ensuring what we carry is not just cool and pretty, but also effective and practical.

More detail
  • Born in Kirkland Lake.
  • Ranks her Gardening trillium award on par with running accolades.
  • Favourite route - hilly, woodsy and secluded.
  • Her dog Lilly walks at least three times a day.
  • started coaching at McMaster in 1991
  • Head Coach Harbour Track - Hamilton
  • Married to Pete.
  • Personal bests - 2:03.0, 4:04.8, 9:05, 16:01, 33:33