Gotta get TEN TOE'N

It’s happening Saturday, June 11th at 8am.  Our first group walk/run that will continue every Saturday morning. Meet outside the store. 

  • Super simple, get your butt out the door for some morning exercise 
  • Walk or run, your choice for the time or distance that suits you
  • the deal is show up for 8am, we’re on our way by 8:05am - parking is free on Saturday’s in Dundas
  • the store won’t be open as I (Pete) will be running from home so I can shower and be back to open up the store for 9:30am
  • I love the werc_werunclub phrase and it applies here… Be kind or stay home.


Longest run of the year

Mark your calendar - 3rd annual Longest Run*of the Year - Saturday, November 26th, 2022 - 8am.

* walking counts - Ten Toe’n defines walking as running in a more reasonable fashion.

On the 26th you simply add 1k (or equivalent time if you walk/run by duration rather than by distance) to your longest run(walk) this year.  At the end of the day you can be satisfied with your biggest and best day of 2022.

Commemorative buttons will be available at the store for all participants.

Paula & Pete